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Hundreds of students, studying at multiple schools and universities, are using Chineseforyou on a regular basis.
"[...] a phenomenal, interactive individual online device to practice Chinese vocabulary. Pilots have proved it works, and it contributes to the digitalization of education."
Prof.dr. Maghiel van Crevel, head of the Leiden Institute of Area Studies
Leiden University, the Netherlands
In May 2012, over 5,000 single sessions were started at Chineseforyou. During peak exam months, up to 250 people daily make use of the software.
"I would like to emphasize that I really like the idea behind Chineseforyou and it makes studying more attractive."
Frits Martijns, private student
Rotterdam, the Netherlands
"To be able to use it on all browsers and platforms is a huge advantage!"
Jeroen Wiedenhof, teacher of Mandarin and Chinese linguistics
Leiden University, the Netherlands
Since 2009 students of the China Studies Department of Leiden University use Chineseforyou intensively. Recently both parties prolongued and intensified their cooperation.
"This is what the world was waiting for!"
Vincent Ulmer, 3rd year student China Studies
Leiden University, the Netherlands
"If we could add sound [by that time not available yet, red.], it would be marvelous! I could have my students use it more often; [...] I will definitely do this."
Jessica Paardekooper, highschool teacher of Chinese language
Rotterdam, the Netherlands
In 2010, the Amsterdam University Press integrated a tailored version of Chineseforyou into its digital study tool complementing their textbook Chinees in Tien Verdiepingen (Chinese in Ten Stories). The editors deem it a "unique selling point".
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