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How many hours did you spend making your own flash cards, and how many boxes of them do you already have? Wouldn't it be good to have something checking your knowledge thoroughly and reminding you of the words you find difficult? What if all the vocabulary you ever used throughout studying Chinese would be conveniently stored in one list, accessible from anywhere you want?

Chineseforyou can help you save a lot of time when it comes to studying Chinese vocabulary - time you wouldn't want to waste on inefficient studying. This is done in three simple steps.

With a brisk and fresh design Chineseforyou allows you to browse through all vocabulary lists you come across during your courses.

Just a mouse click later you're studying the word lists you just selected. By typing pinyin or translation, or by writing characters, Chineseforyou will help you study all vocab you need to know for your next test or exam. You can also listen to the pronunciation of the words.

After finishing all words you can view your results, and, more importantly, save or print the words you answered incorrectly, saving you a lot of time when you're studying again.
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